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Swan Lake

Hours of Operation

*All dates are subject to change without notice

Opening and Closing Dates:
MAY - OCTOBER (Gate is closed when snow falls)

Campground dates with full services:

Campground reservable dates:
May 17 - Sept 3

Total number of vehicle accessible campsites:

Number of reservable campsites, if applicable:

NOTE: The Park is open year round unless inaccessible due to weather conditions, especially during the off-season.



About the Park

A small picturesque lakeshore park that offers boating, swimming, a grassy campground and day-use area, baseball diamonds and playground area. Located just 35 kilometres south-east of Dawson Creek. View the area map and be sure to take a look at the photo gallery.

Established in 1918, it has the distinction of being British Columbia's third oldest park.  Swan Lake is a high use park and is very popular for families and fishing enthusiasts.


Swan Lake Park provides representation of the Kiskatinaw Plateau ecosection and is covered by the boreal white and black spruce biogeoclimatic zone. Vegetation consists predominately of trembling aspen, balsam poplar, white spruce and willows.

Swan Lake is the largest water body in the Alberta plateau. The maximum depth is three metres, but the average depth is less than two metres.


Black bears frequent the area, as well as the occasional moose and white tail or mule deer. Smaller animals such as muskrat and beaver can be seen around the lakeshore and the Tupper River which drains into the lake through the park.

There is an abundance of waterfowl and migratory bird populations that congregate at Swan Lake. An example of birds that frequent Swan Lake include: common loon, red-necked grebe, western grebe, trumpeter swan, American widgeon, sandpipers, bufflehead, coot, gulls, eastern kingbird, warblers, blackbirds, killdeer, hooded merganser, red-eyed and warbling vireo, hermit thrush, swallows, yellowlegs, scoters, lesser scaup and goldeneyes, just to name a few.

Fishing is quite popular at Swan Lake. Species include Walleye, northern pike, yellow perch and burbot. The lake is too shallow and too warm to support cold water salmonid species such as trout and char.